Pet & House Sitting



SuPaw Nanny can be on hand and assigned to your home to look after your pets when you're not able to be there. We can help with all animals; dogs, cats, parrots, gerbils, tropical fish, tortoises, rabbits, goldfish, chickens or any other pet you own.

In addition to our standard animal welfare services we can also bring in your mail, open and close curtains, water plants and turn lights on and off as required so as your house looks like you are still at home. Rest assured our CRB-checked Nanny will secure your premises after each visit.

Visits usually last 30-40 minutes.15-minute comfort visits are also available to break up the pet's day. And we're happy to carry out  this service on a one-off, annual, regular or daily basis.

All you'll need to do is make sure your pets' toys, food and treats are on hand for us - and we'll be able to help you maintain your pets' routine and avoid the stress of kennels or moving to another home. This can be especially important for owners who have pets with disabilities, including blindness, deafness. Or animals who are simply too old for a visit to a kennel.

Otherwise we can look after them in our staff homes so pets will have 24/7 undivided attention. This will be subject to availability of places and pet suitability - find out more about this service here.