Dog Walking

Why use a dog walking service?

Studies and experience have taught us that dogs need a lot of stimulation. Many behavioural problems, such as barking, chewing and digging are the result of isolation, boredom and lack of exercise. So something as simple as using a dog walking service can make all the difference.

SuPaw Nanny's Dog Walking service

It's designed for owners who spend any length of time away from home - whatever the reason.
We're happy to walk your dogs on a one-off, regular, or daily basis.You'll be able to get on with your day, knowing that we'll fetch your dog from your home and treat him or her to at least 30 minutes of exercise (excluding travelling time) in woods near by.

Then, after having lots of fun and interaction, your pet will be delivered back home - tired and happy.

A few facts

• We offer a variety of walk lengths, so please just ask.

• You can choose to have your dog walked individually, or to take part in one of our group walks with other dogs.

• To join a group, your dog will need to be well socialised and mild-tempered - and not aggressive around other dogs.

Un-castrated dogs over nine months and bitches in season tend not to be accepted on group walks.

During walks, every dog must wear a securely fitting collar and ID tag. This can be supplied by the walker.

Discounts and special offers are available for additional dogs from the same household and for weekly bookings. See our prices and special offers for more information.